General Information

The principle purpose of Hardship Rate Relief shall be to provide short-term assistance via rate relief to businesses that are suffering unexpected hardship, arising from exceptional circumstances, to the extent that the viability of the business would be threatened if an award were not made.

While Hardship Rate Relief is available for non-domestic properties there are some exclusions. The following properties are excluded from the Hardship Rate Relief Scheme by the Hardship Regulations:

Hardship Rate Relief constitutes State Aid and will be given in compliance with the State Aid rules. There are certain businesses or organisations that will be excluded from Hardship Rate Relief due to State Aid rules (please see Section 5 for further detail).

How will my application be assessed?

In order to assess your application for Hardship Rate Relief, Land & Property Services (LPS) will firstly consider whether exceptional circumstances exist. If the circumstances are not deemed to be exceptional your application will be refused.

If the exceptional circumstances criteria is satisfied, LPS will assess whether as a direct result of these circumstances, your business or organisation would suffer hardship if rates were not remitted. To guard against fraudulent claims LPS is required to ensure the application is from a ratepayer suffering hardship, the applicant will need to supply LPS with evidence that demonstrates this in order to support their application.

Once LPS has gathered all the information required a decision on whether to award Hardship Rate Relief will be made. If you do not agree with the decision you have the right to ask LPS to review your case within one month of the date of the notification letter. If you still remain dissatisfied with the decision you have the right to challenge it by way of Judicial Review.